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5 Things You Should Ask Before Your Next Pedicure

Spring is here, the sun is out and so are the sandals. Make sure your next pedicure is safe. Be proactive and ensure you are getting a safe pedicure from a place that practices strict sanitization procedures. Here, at our Newmarket Spa, we make you and your safety our prioirty.

We are sure you have heard the rumours about the health risks of receiving a pedicure. This blog has been written to help you understand how to protect yourself. At Timeless Harmony Salon and Spa, it is very important to us that we educate our clients so that they can make the best and informed decisions for themselves.

Here are 5 questions you should consider asking before your next pedicure:

  1. Do they have certified Estheticians? Where did they go to school?
    Did you know a large part of a pedicure course is disease control and sanitization. Anybody can learn how to do a pedicure, but an aesthetician also needs to know who should NOT get a pedicure.
  2. Does the spa ask you to fill out out a medical history form?
    If you are not asked to fill out a medical history form, how do they know if you are diabetic? If you have Hepatitis? If you are on blood thinning pills or if you have any other contagious, potentially harmful Conditions.
  3. How do they sterilize their tools?
    Autoclaves with proper timing systems or chemical disinfection are equally effective at sterilization. Ultra violet units and autoclaves without proper timing systems are not effective.
  4. What type of tools do they use?
    Anything glass or Stainless steel can be sterilized properly; everything else should either be given to the client or thrown away.
  5. Do you see pedicure chairs with jets? How do those get cleaned?
    It takes 7-10 minutes to properly clean the chairs in between clients. The tubs should be run with a cleaning solution for at least 5 minutes; anything less is not effective. Then, the tub and jets also need to be scrubbed properly; meaning the jets need to come out.If they don’t have pedicure chairs with jets they still need to be chemically disinfected.

Timeless Harmony goes above and beyond with disinfecting and sanitizing our tools, tubs as well as the surrounding area. Your health and protection is our #1 Priority.

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