About Us

Timeless Harmony Salon & Spa is not your average salon. We are a team of healers with years of experience and training in providing relaxation and de-stressing services that deliver an exceptional client experience, one client at a time. Offering a broad range of services including esthetic and hair services, massage treatments by both RMT’s and non RMT’s, reiki, reflexology, body treatments, Laser Hair Removal and laser skin treatments your trip to Timeless Harmony is sure to leave you transformed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Our focus is to provide exceptional experiences to every client who walks through our doors. We offer health and wellness products and unique one-of-a-kind services. As our guests, we want you to be able to relax and rejuvenate in an atmosphere that promotes healing for the body, mind, and soul. With every visit, we make it a priority to take the time to educate our clients with tips and techniques so your visit is so much more then just a service.

Meet Our Team


Katie Gilligan

– Owner

Katie is a true testament to dedicating her life to her work. She understands the blend of entrepreneurship, passion, and community. She continues to perfect and expand a full relaxation experience for each client at her day spa where a visit is meant to be truly timeless. This comes from a complete understanding of the spa experience from front desk to manager, teacher, and expert service provider for over twenty years.
She is certified in a variety of services including reiki, massage, esthetics, and specialized services like diabetic pedicures and oncology services. Katie became aware of both healthy diet and healthy skin treatment at a young age. She keeps her spa products toxin-free. The focus of her day spa is an extension of her personal experience and observation of the stress people endure daily. She works as a stress specialist guiding staff to train with this same approach.


Daniella Neglia

– Medical Esthetician

Daniella is an experience creator. She loves what she does and her goal for each of her clients is to completely destress them by creating safe and supportive spaces to come and relax. Daniella’s passion is ensuring her clients feel pampered while at the spa. With her extensive training and background, Daniella is highly experienced in the medical aesthetics field and she keeps herself up to date on new and upcoming skincare treatments. Education is another on of Daniella’s passions. Any skin care or body care questions you have she will be able to help you and find the best solution for you.


Roxy Sawyer

– Hair Therapist

Roxy is a true artist in every aspect of her life. She loves to draw, paint, inspire and create. She is a lightworker, lives intuitivly, feels deeply and enjoys creating unique bonds with every person she meets. When you sit in Roxy’s chair hair is her canvas. She is deeply committed to her clients and takes the time to educate and get to know their individual needs. As an intuitive empath it allows her to connect with others on a deeper level. www.vagaro.com/roxysawyer 


Adriana McNeil

– Hair Therapist

Adriana’s hair Salon has been offering exceptional services for the last 24 years. When you visit Adriana, you are not just a client you are apart of her family. She truly loves to create life long relationships with her clients. Adrianna spends times at the beginning of your service to do a thorough hair consultation so she better understands your hair goals and can help you reach them. Educating her clients so they feel comfortable with their hair and can manage it at home is key to Adriana so you look amazing in between visits. You can contact Adriana at 905-252-5099

karen theimer

Karen Theimer


Karen became an RMT because she was fascinated with how the body works. Having had physical limitations in the past and feeling first hand how incredible massage was on her shoulder injury. Karen at the age of 40 changed careers and went back to school to become an RMT, so she can help others. Karen quickly realized there was a lot more to healing pain then what she had learned in school. Karen started to evolve her business into coaching and nutrition to offer her clients the best possible outcome. Karen is Able to offer full body and mind healing, she is passionate about your health and loves to educate her clients on their body and mind health.

karen hicks

Karen Hicks

– Holistic Wellness Facilitator

Karen is a highly educated Healer. In understanding that everything is energy, she uses a four-body framework for wellness. Karen believes that we are not our thoughts, our emotions, or our actions; they are simply an expression and they, too, are energy. As a Reiki practitioner, Karen intentionally works with energy. Specifically, she works with your chakras to strengthen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. Chakras are energy wheels located throughout your body with 7 main ones located from the bottom of the torso to the top of the head; each one relates to an aspect of your being. Karen believes the “body holds the story of our lives and the truth of who we are resides in our hearts.” The unhealed parts of us are stored in the body and keep us from heart-centered living; they keep us away from our true selves. Unhealed parts can look like limiting beliefs, stuck emotions and stuck thinking and they exist as stuck energy. When our energy doesn’t flow smoothy, we experience discomfort in our lives, we may even experience illness. Karen is passionate about educating you on home tips when you are not in the spa to keep yourself in a positive state so the healing can continue.

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