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Photo shopping the stars leads to impossible dreams

Photo shopping the stars leads to women and girls chasing after an impossible dream.

We see a star in the magazine and wonder what are they doing? What is their secret? They must work out insanely or they must have the most amazing skin care on top of medical work.

The problem with this, we go to the gym we kill ourselves working out watching what we eat and count our calories. We buy ridiculous amounts of skin care hoping the next one will rid us of our lines. We just end up depressed and wonder what is wrong with us and why can’t we get to our goal. Your goal could just be impossible to reach.

Even the stars don’t look that good. If you have had kids or gone away on vacation or just enjoyed life you will have signs on your face and body of living, you will have stretch marks, cellulite, muffin top or wrinkles, this is your badge of honor. You will never look as good as the model in the magazine because she doesn’t even look like that.

Photoshop lifts your busts and butt and take a few inches off your arms, belly, Legs and where ever else. You can magically erase cellulite, change the lighting in the picture and voila no more wrinkles.

We see our favorite actress with perfect skin no lines or blemishes. Your wrinkles can be taken away with a facelift or softened with a chemical peel but you will never moisturize them away.
Sit down with your daughters and show them pictures of before and after photo shop. Show them their favorite actress actually does not look like that, they are the same as us. Let’s stop chasing the impossible dream and live our dream.

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