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Clayton Shagal Skincare


An Exclusive 99%pure extracted non-hydrolyzed acidosoluble collagen.  Restores skins hydration and suppleness formulated to hydrated the deepest layers of the skin.


Elastin Gel; Reinforces healthy supple skin excellent to reduce redness and sen
sitivity in the skin restores skin resilience and sustenance.  Works excellent alongside Collagen Gel.



Milk Cleanser; Bathe your skin in a rich, sultry luxurious cream cleanser for Normal to dry mature skin.



Gel Lotion Cleanser; Revitalize your skin with this multi action, Non-astringent gel lotion cleanser.  Respects the PH levels of this skin for oil combinationor nor
mal skin.

Oat Bran Scrub; Rediscover a more radiant you! with our non-abrasive oat bran scrub.  Gentle enough for the most delicate skins.

Bamboo & Honey Exfoliant; Formulated with crystallized bamboo extract to remove impurities.  Great for Normal to dry skin, mature skin and dehydrat
ed skin.

AHA scrub; A powerful exfoliant that promotes skin clarity by elimina
ting accumulated surface debris.  For those seeking a surprisingly brightened complexion with diminished signs of agingProducts-icones-cucumber-avocado-mask_v2
Cucumber Avocado Mask; A beautiful mask with calming cucumber and moisturizing avocado properties.  A soothing escape that restores suppleness and radiance to the skin.  For Normal to dry and sensitive skin.

Moisturizing Mask; An exceptional cooling mask formulated to deliver soothing relief from environmental elements.  Restores suppleness and vibrancy to the skin for normal, dry and mature skin.


Mokaccino Mud Mask; Pure indulgence for the skin.  Chocolate lovers can rejoice the Mokaccino mud mask is aromatic blend of cocoa and coffee.  Powerful antioxidant tightens, tones and firms the skin

Products-icones-aha_mask_v2AHA Mask; A reviving exfoliant that helps reveal a fresher younger you with a more radiant complexion. Its cream base formulates a soft peel for sensitive skin types. Ideal for sensitive skin premature aging or pigmented skin.