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Tics disease and spa’s

Mane people still feel spas are a luxury item. Not a necessity. Did you know if you are diagnosed with Lyme disease spas can be essential to a quick recovery.

The symptoms are initially difficult to distinguish from the flu – except for aching joints and a rash where the bite occurred. Considering that spring and summer are peak periods for infection, patients should be aware that a day at the spa can do wonders in making recovery a painless experience.

Massage Treatments

Recent studies have concluded that the use of massage in the treatment of Lyme Disease’s most notorious symptom, aching joints, is not only safe — it can also minimize the potential long-term damage the disease can cause.

Light massage techniques are appropriate, including lymphatic drainage or a calmer Swedish massage to improve blood circulation. However, deeper massage techniques are not recommended for patients with a diagnosis, as they can add to inflammation.

Steam & Hot Water Treatments

When it comes to recovering from Lyme Disease, plenty of patients would not expect to go to their GP’s office and leave with a reference to a local spa. But there is a reason it is often suggested, a mix of medicine and massages is the best option for a patient’s recovery.

Heat therapy is especially useful for Lyme Disease. A long soak in a hot tub can accomplish something called “fever therapy”. A fever therapy is when the body raises its natural temperature to help fight off infection. A hot tub allows you to simulate this effect naturally. Not only is it entirely safe to do on antibiotics – research suggests that the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment increases dramatically when paired alongside heat therapy.

Hot tubs and saunas are also effective in alleviating painful joints that Lyme disease is known to cause. The crucial thing to know is that by having these treatments in the initial stages of infection, a patient can recover much quicker than by just relying on antibiotics.

Finding a Remedy for Lyme Disease

Those who read this should be aware that Lyme Disease does not have to lead to long-term pain, nor does recovery have to be met with bed rest. Between massages, antibiotics, and general steam and hot water treatments, patients are providing themself with a more conducive path to recovery than spending days in bed.

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