head massage

Triple M Massage | 60 min | $109

While you may have heard of Mindfulness meditation and its profound positive effects on mental health and well being, imagine this being incorporated into your massage the effects are incredible. Mindful Meditation Massage Will help you enter a deep state of relaxation where your mind and body can work together on the path of wellness.

Virtual Reality Meditation | 15 min | $28 | series of 10 | $155

Life can be stressful and overwhelming amongst other things. But, with meditation and the magic of VR, it doesn’t have to be.
We have created a relaxing meditation space for you.
With our all-new Oculus virtual reality device, we are offering guided and self-guided meditations. You can fully immerse yourself into your 360-degree journey.
Choose from 70 different mediations.
Each offers a unique scene. Do you want to go to the beach, the forest, the mountain, or a Japanese garden?
Choose your VR experience or location.
VR is already being used to treat mental health by Phycologists today.

Ultimate Healing Package with Reiki | 75 min | $139

Your journey starts with a Virtual Reality Guided Meditation in our Mediation suite.  You will choose your happy place, a forest, the beach, mountains etc.  Then your incredible journey will begin, Once your guided Mediation has ended you move onto the Massage table for a Healing Reiki session.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed this is the package for you. 

Fight or Flight Service | 70 min $109

Your aromatherapy journey begins with a sweet orange aromatherapy massage to lighten your mood and relax your body. Enjoy a decadent chocolate foot exfoliant, followed by a hot stone massage on the feet to increase circulation and relaxation. End with a soothing scalp massage. This services is designed to increase dopamine helping to de stress. (NON RMT)

Stress Buster | 80 min | $139

Start this treatment off with a Hot stone massage to help reduce stress and offer deep relaxation, excellent for chronic pain or fibromyalgia. End your treatment with a Hydrating Facial to offer deep hydration this treatment smooths and softens the skin. The signs of the skin aging appear less visible and skin color becomes brighter, healthier and younger.

Whiskey Polish and Stoned | 80 min | $119

An all Canadian treatment eh! Begin with a dry brush exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for the most luxurious treatment. A custom blended oil with Canadian Maple Whiskey, which is high in anti-oxidants will be used in combination with hot stones to melt you into relaxation. A must for the dry cold seasons.

Face and Body Renewal | 80 min | $119

A relaxing aromatherapy massage to calm your muscles and increase circulation. End your treatment with a hydrating facial using the highest quality of collagen to soften fine lines and deeply hydrate your skin for a youthful glow.

Tired Legs Ritual | 35 min | $65

Your treatment starts by gently laying hot stones on key points on your back to increase relaxation. Then your therapist will use very specific massage movements to drain away toxins and improve circulation. Your legs will feel lighter and refreshed.

Foot Detox | 15 min | $45

Your treatment starts by your therapist gently exfoliating your feet with an organic foot scrub. Then your therapist will apply a Detoxifying Algae mask, followed by warm towels to cocoon your feet. This treatment ends with a hot stone foot massage. You will be left with your entire body feeling new and refreshed.