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Tics disease and spa’s

Mane people still feel spas are a luxury item. Not a necessity. Did you know if you are diagnosed with Lyme disease spas can be essential to a quick recovery.

The symptoms are initially difficult to distinguish from the flu… Continue reading

Boost your immune system


With influenza slowly creeping its way in.  It is expected to hit widespread, and is being reported that this could be an epidemic year.  You can start now to protect… Continue reading

Pumpkin, The superhero for your skin

Pumpkin thoughts are everywhere.  This October There are many reasons why you’ll need to pay extra attention to your skin.  As the days get chillier, you need nourishing ingredients for your skin.  Pumpkin enzymes contain Vitamins A, C and E… Continue reading

The power of gratitude

Gratitude is about being thankful for what you have.  It is the state of being ready and willing to show appreciation and to return kindness received.  Also it is being aware of the good things that happen to you, and… Continue reading

5 Things You Should Ask Before Your Next Pedicure

Spring is here, the sun is out and so are the sandals. Make sure your next pedicure is safe. Be proactive and ensure you are getting a safe pedicure from a place that practices strict sanitization procedures. Here, at our Newmarket Spa, we make you and your safety our prioirty. Continue reading

Why do Workshops?

Whether you are looking for personal growth, team building or just a fun night out workshops are key.  They will introduce a new concept, prompting participants to investigate it further on their own.  They demonstrate and encourage the practice of… Continue reading

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